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~ + ~ Battle Games Round Robin ~ + ~

What we've got so far (parts 1-10)....

Sam, Jack, Daniel, and Teal'c are trapped in a virtual reality game created by the *cough* lovely government agency NID.

They, however, think they are on some planet somewhere in some hellish WWF gone wrong.

Shady characters abound in this mad plot trying to prevent our heroes from ever escaping the 'virtual game'

One of the creators felt a wee bit guilty.. tried to ease his conscience and help the stressed Janet Fraiser out, only to be killed. It should be noted he did not intend for the use of the chip to be used as it is.

They bring a 'specialist' to help determine the technical gadgets out. Lotsa stuff about computer games (if you know anything about them, god bless) This Specialist is going to attempt to establish a Bluetooth (One word as he so graciously informs us computer illiterates) link between a computer and the chips. Once this link is established, they will be able to enter some cheat codes in order to bump up points and status for our fair team members and eventually find them a way out so they can win the game, and the chips will be allowed to be removed.

We know that within the games, SG-1 must face off in virtual battles set up in arena like style. This is not an easy battle either. If caught cheating (as poor Daniel found out) you will be punished. As you win battles you not only are able to get better medical attention afterward (Optimum reparation) you gain points and your fight status is bumped up. If you last for longer than expected your fight status or class is maintained. In order to gain Minimal reparation one must last at least twenty minutes into the fight.

The points one gains from the battles may be used to barter food drink and getting electrodes removed (nifty huh?) but *not* for medical attention. It is possible to trade points(No points awarded for being handsome either ;) ).

The chips are also used to focus one's pain on someone else. This was Daniel Jackson's punishment for 'staging' his fight. Or at the least trying to communicate with his opponent. He was connected with O'Neill for the next fight, and every hurt Jack got, Daniel felt and Jack did not. It allowed O'Neill to defeat his opponent (Daniel's previous opponent) while causing Jackson a lot of hurt.

The team found out they could use their points to aide young Jackson and get the connection between he and O'Neill undone. He is still quite sore, as he had only minimal reparation done after his battle, had a seizure And was the first (and only) one Janet tried to remove the chip from, therefore causing him some harm (A Code Blue.. During this Daniel heard and possibly saw Janet as she worked on him), felt Jack get the snot kicked out of him, and is probably hungry (hey that counts as hurt in my book! ;) ) and now is watching as his two friends Square off...

Jack was brought into the pit with his buddy Teal'c. They maintained the fight for the minimum set time for one to gain Minimum reparation. As Teal'c was about to take the fall (knowing O'Neill needed the Optimum reparation and knowing his symbiote would take care of him) Jack collapsed.

Cast of Characters (Original)

Captain Ephraim Moses. The unfortunate soul who literally gave his life to the 'Battle Games' technology. He worked for NID (introduced in part 8)

Major Buchanon: A man Moses reported to. Introduced in part 8

Not So Original Characters... But not from the usual SGC universe (Hey, no one said we can't borrow!)

Dexter Filmore .. A dashingly handsome chap who looks oddly familiar... Known for his computer savoire faire as well as his fashion faux pas. Wear's thick frames, blue jeans, long blond hair tied at the neck, and a red and white baseball jacket complete the Sophisticated Computer Nerd look. He's currently established a bluetooth (one word) connection to Daniel's chip (ooohh lucky fellow )

Outside the Virtual Battle Game...

The Code to access the cheating program is 40752 (That's Ephraim's girlfriend's birthday minus his times four in case you were wondering)

Entering The Code LA will give the player level A Games Skills Level

The Code P1000 will give them 1000 points *if* they win their next battle (Oooh a LOOPHOLE! Sweet! I love Loopholes! ;) ) and end their stay at the Lovely Battle Games Resort Clubs and Casino.. (Y'all come back now ya Hear!)

The things Janet has learned over the course of this RR

You cannot surgically remove the chips..

You cannot end the Game by pressing Control-Alt-Delete.. Unless you want the Blue Screen of Death . And Daniel's had enough challenges this time around, I think.

Inside the Virtual Battle Game...

Jack is Tauri #2198 and is at Games Skill Level A and has 22 points

Daniel is Tauri #2200 and is at Games Skill Level C (The lowest possible).. and has 3 points (although he borrowed from Jack Sam and Teal'c to reverse the gadget in his head that made Jack such a Pain in his A$$)

Sam is Tauri #2199F is at Games Skill Level B and has 9 points (She used ten for a glass of water and gave Daniel 25)

Teal'c is Jaffa #3487 is at Games Skill Level A and has 22 points (part 8 deals with this... Teal'c had 97 but offered 75 to Daniel)

Daniel's first Match he lost to, but tried to get chummy with: Atalan #5701 and is at Game skill Level B

Number of points it cost the team to get Daniel's wires uncrossed with Jack's... 100

Round #3312 Jack vs Teal'c DING DING fighters take your positions...

Planet SG-1 Thinks they're stuck on: PX6-989

Last modified Saturday, 27-Oct-2001 23:05:20 PDT