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~ + ~ Plot Bunny Adoption Center ~ + ~

Plot BunnyNow open for business!!
What is the Plotbunny Adoption Center about you ask? This is a place for those writers/readers who have too many of the cute little critters hopping around, whispering in your ear. It's NOT an adoption center for real bunnies--sorry! A "plot bunny" is a story idea.

Plot BunniesWe have too many projects going and a seemingly endless supply of plotbunnies. And since we've been informed that we're not allowed to fry the little suckers anymore (smiles sweetly at JayEm)... we decided that maybe it would be a better idea to share them with others who may like to take them home and let them grow up to become the stories they were meant to be.

For the moment we will have two sections of bunnies up for adoption: a Gen section and a Slash section. Apologies to our listsibs who are fans of shipfic, however, Heliopolis is nearly exploding with challenges for you.

Gen Plotbunnies (19 Bunnies Available)

Slash Plotbunnies (14 Bunnies Available)

Anyone wishing to drop a bunny off for adoption, just click the bunny:

Plot Bunny

If you adopt a bunny and write a fic, please be sure to include in the archiving notes that it came from the PBAC so that we can note it on the site.

Last modified Wednesday, 14-Jun-2006 19:00:42 PDT