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~ + ~ Comfort 101 ~ + ~

The list was asked to name their favorite comfort scenes from the show and also to share what kind of scenes they wish had been shown. If any of these ideas spark an idea for a fic, feel free to use it, but be sure to send it here to be archived. Also let us know which on the list inspired you so that we may let the contributor know.

What we saw

1. I love the Jack/Daniel hug scenes in NEED and The Serpent's Lair (Pho)

2. The Daniel / scribe-Apophis scene in Serpent's Song when the old scribe lay dying and confused (possibly my favorite) (Pho)

3. The Daniel flowers scene/Cassandra scene to cheer up Sam in In The Line of Duty (Pho)

4. Sam trying to comfort Jack in Solitudes (Pho)

5. Sam, Daniel, Teal'c trying to comfort Jack in Brief Candle (Pho)

6. SG-1 being there for Teal'c/Drey'c when their son was brainwashed in Family (Pho)

What we didn't see (Episode Related)

1. Jack, Sam, SOMEBODY, making it right with Daniel after Legacy (Pho)

2. Daniel forgiving Teal'c after Forever in a Day (Pho)

3. I'd add "Jack, Sam, Teal'c, SOMEBODY *comforting* Daniel after FIAD. The most angst-ridden story line in the entire series, and they let it finish with a pffft. (Bri)

4. Oh, and I really want to see a meaty resolution to Shades of Grey, particularly, of course, between Jack and Daniel. (Bri)

5. And of course, I want to see some kind of satisfactory resolution to Scorched Earth. (Bri)

6. And for a bit of fairness, I'd like to see *someone* give Sam a bit of comfort after the dreadful D&C. As putrid as the episode was, Sam got it in the teeth in the end, and as usual the sorrow was simply not there any more by the next week. (Bri)

7. Oh, here's another for Sam. She was obviously highly affected by killing Seth. I'd like to see her get a bit of emotional support over that one as well. (Bri)

8. And while we're at it, how about a bit of comfort for Jack following Cold Lazarus, during which he not only had to deal with a pseudo-Charlie, but also with a distraught Sara. (Bri)

9. I was just discussing another issue with Phoenix, and the episode Pretense was brought up. The events of that episode had to be extremely painful for Daniel. It wasn't all that long after FIAD, and here he discovers that Earth's supposed allies are in possession of the kind of technology which just might have given him a chance to save Sha're. The Tollan have a device that controls the parasite, and the Tok'ra have an apparently quick and easy way to get the snake out. (Judging by the way Skaara was bouncing around, *really* quick and easy!) But he didn't get even a sympathetic look and pat on the back from Jack and the others. (Bri)

10. In Fair Game, where [Daniel] had to make nice with the Goa'uld while watching Thor and the President barter away the only means he had to search for his wife and brother-in-law. And again, not even a mention of how difficult that must have been for him. (Bri)

11. I want to add Crystal Skull to this list, too. Daniel's grandfather apologizes to Daniel and they start working things out, then he leaves him again. Plus add in the fact that Daniel's been missing (to SG-1's perspective) for most of the ep. They need some serious resolution in this ep. (Maggie)

What we'd like to see (In general)

1. A pat on the cheek (no no, the kind on your *face*). (Jane)

2. A simple, "You okay?" (Jane)

3. Having someone jump to your defense. (Jane)

4. Being held when in pain (emotional or physical). (Jane)

5. Being forgiven. (Jane)

6. Being there (for rescuing, or for waking up in a hospital to). (Jane)

7. Receiving an apology. (Jane)

8. Beer and a hockey game (it's the thought that counts ). (Jane)

9. I'm also a sucker for the whole 'watching them sleep or covering them with a blanket' kind of thing. (Jane)

What Scribe would like to see ;)

How to comfort Daniel :

Run a tubful of hot water, add a generous portion of Lavender and Rosewood bubble bath (ideal for soothing away all those aches and strains), put on some soft music, light a candle or ten, ensure there is an ample supply of new, fluffy warm towels. Offer to scrub their back... I'm sure you get the picture

How to comfort Jack:

Tell him he doesn't ever have to be in a room alone with Anise again.

How to comfort Teal'c:

1. Tell him he doesn't have to go fishing with Jack ever again.
2. Buy him a large tube of insect repellent.
3. Inform him the infirmary now has a 'magic fingers' bed

How to comfort Sam:

1. Explain to her how you accidentally set fire to the blue dress and veil you found hanging in the mission wardrobe, completely ruining it for any future missions to Mongol-style worlds.
2. Buy her one of those voice activated dancing plants so that at least one of her plants talks back to her.

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