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~ + ~ IRC Basics ~ + ~

These instructions should allow you to reach the SG1HC room on IRC. Beyond this, you will learn in time.

First of all, you will need to go to and download the mIRC program.

Once the program is installed, follow these steps to reach our room.

Click on Start

Go to programs and mIRC should now be displayed in the list

Click on the program icon
This will bring up the mIRC options/connection window. This is how you choose the server you are trying to access.

The top-most (smaller) drop down box marked IRC Servers—scroll until you find Slashnet.
The longer drop down box below it will only have the option of Random Slashnet Server. We want to set up an option for our server: Area51
Click the Add button on the right.

Description type ‘Area51
IRC Server:
Port(s) should already say 6667 by default
Group: Slashnet
Click Add
Area 51 should now be displayed in the second drop-down menu.
Click Connect to IRC Server.

You should now see a lot of words appear on a scrolling white background. As soon as it’s finished a pop up box should appear (If anything appears about registering, simply close it) The pop up box should list the channels available on the server and there should be a plain white dialogue box along the top.

Type in #SG1HC and hit join. This should take you right to the room.

If for some reason the pop up box does NOT appear and you see no error messages that say you are not connected, simply type the following in the dialogue area across the bottom of the white screen:

/j #SG1HC or /join #SG1HC

If anyone has any difficulties, contact:


Last modified Saturday, 27-Oct-2001 01:23:59 PDT