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~ + ~ SG1HC List Challenges ~ + ~

This page is in its initial stages, but once complete we hope to list all challenges made to the SG1HC list since its formation in October of 2000. All stories will still be archived at The Comfort Zone, but we hope that this will make it much easier for readers to find challenge stories.

If you have issued a challenge to the list, please mail us the specifics so it can be mentioned here. I will be searching the list archives, but this would help the development of this page immensely.

Also, those who have written responses to a list challenge, please let us know the name of the story, which challenge it was a response to, and (optionally) where it is archived.

September 2002

From pettygrew:

As Oz stated in her response "Overtime," I made a challenge during our Saturday chat. I'm opening that challenge up to the list whether it be Gen, Slash, or Humorous. The challenge begins with:

Jack comes home from work tired. He hears a shower and finds Daniel in his shower.

"Daniel, why are you taking a shower in my house?"

Daniel calls from the shower, "Well it's kind of a long story. Can you hand me a towel?"


  • Overtime, by Ozymandia
  • December 2001

    The premise of this challenge is that it is Cassie's first Christmas (and Teal'c's). She has heard of Santa Claus and of course no one's going to spoil a child's first Christmas, so Janet suggests that they all write a letter to Santa. So, what is in everyone's letter to Santa? What would they most wish for? What would two aliens say in a letter to a 'Jolly Elf' who sneaks into people's homes and leaves presents? This may be done as a story for those so inclined, or you may choose one (or all) of the characters and just write their letter. Can be humorous or angsty. Despite the premise, you are not confined to writing as 1st season if you are more comfortable with later seasons' characterizations. The main point of the challenge is to get in touch with the characters' voice; get inside their heads, so to speak.

    November 2001

    This is a variation of the ABC challenge (every paragraph begins with the next consecutive letter of the alphabet).Your mission should you choose to accept it, write a story where each paragraph begins with the following letters, in order: STARGATESG1JACKDANIELTEALCANDSAM


  • Jaffa Faux Pas, by Denise
  • Circle, by Carrie
  • Alien Blues, by Sharilyn
  • Starlight and Coffee, by Lin

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